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By Pranay Prakash

The future is heading towards a time when Gen-Z will dominate every walk of life. Like previous generations, this generation is part of the ongoing cycle of shifting workplace ethos, dynamics, and attitudes. From businesses to cultural trends, they shape the course of technology, redefine social norms, and lead with a focus on sustainability and social responsibility.

Since their priorities distinctly differ from those of the millennials, a shift in workplace expectations is seen. A greater emphasis has been put on flexibility, work-life harmony, learning opportunities, and purpose-driven work that aligns with personal values.

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Gen Z is the first generation of individuals raised in the era of digital technology. They place a high value on diversity, inclusion, and mental well-being. While they are the most informed population, they would require career development guidance that is efficient and progressive to meet their personal and professional objectives. Regardless of what your company’s mission or business model is, making changes that directly impact employees can significantly improve their experience in the workplace.

So, how can you provide personalised professional growth opportunities for your people? 

Identifying needs: The generation aspires for authenticity and meaningful interactions. Offering a supportive and productive work environment that caters to unique needs enhances satisfaction, engagement, and retention. With that comes a sense of value and belonging, improving their overall performance.

However, it can be done by asking specific questions, conducting feedback sessions, ongoing/real-time surveys, and even having one-on-one meetings. With such uninhibited insights, you can delve into benefits, support systems, and development opportunities that are aligned with their goals.

Ensuring fair practices: Social justice and inclusivity extend beyond mere vague workplace policies. A much broader societal perspective, the need for equity, and fairness in all spheres of the workplace is desired by this generation. 

By implementing policies, suggested measures, and strategies that showcase dedication, you’ll be establishing a workplace where an individual’s worth is beyond their role- they are now a true asset to the organisation. This, in turn, boosts morale, productivity, and innovation within the company. 

Offering flexibility: A generation that grew up consuming social media and having the freedom to work when inspiration strikes, rigid and impractical deadlines restrict their creativity, affecting productivity in the long run.

Hybrid working models, with flexible schedules, show adaptability and empathy toward this diverse workforce. Such practices not only promote work-life balance but also encourage creativity, collaboration, and overall well-being among team members, leading to enhanced productivity.

Providing mentorship: With an inherent commitment to continuous learning, Gen-Z is inclined towards organisations that invest in their professional advancement through training, structured mentorship schemes, and diverse educational endeavours. 

While Gen Z may be digital natives, they still have plenty to learn when it comes to navigating the complexities of the professional world. By pairing mentees with experienced professionals, these programs facilitate an exchange of knowledge, honing technical expertise and nurturing soft skills, creating a culture of continuous learning.

Forming Connection: Given that this generation poses a range of diverse interests and a versatile skill set, they actively look out for opportunities for networking and knowledge expansion. Regardless of their professional domain, they are eager to broaden their horizons. To achieve this, they seek connections with individuals from various fields, each bringing unique expertise and perspectives.

These connections offer invaluable insights, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of various industries and disciplines. From cross-functional and collaborative projects to professional associations, they equip them with a much-needed creative push.

This encouragement empowers them to focus on what holds the utmost significance, benefiting both themselves and the organisation. However, they tend to move away from spaces that no longer meet their needs. Despite that, companies still search for the fresh creative perspective that this generation offers. Here, our role is not to impose limitations but to offer the necessary encouragement and equip them with the right tools. The aim is to not mimic their thinking but to adapt ours to the current pace of the world. This can only be achieved when mutual dependence is formed and focused on shared progress.

The author is CHRO at Baazi Games. Views are personal.


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