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The best leaders are always open to new information when making decisions. When they uncover relevant new insights, they update their views and act with determination. That is what Bayes Business School believes in and what its Full-time MBA programme offers.

In the heart of London and only a short journey to Canary Wharf and its many top international firms, Bayes offers an MBA where professional development is built into the curriculum.

Intensive and hands-on, the full-time, one-year programme balances theory and application through lectures, workshops, and projects. What sets this MBA apart is how your professional development at Bayes starts the moment you accept the offer. Deposit holders can immediately access the Online Careers Preparation Course and the team’s advice. After that, you’ll spend the programme’s first week familiarising yourself with the faculty and cohort via team-building activities and the case method before it kickstarts into high gear with two weeks of Careers Orientation. Here, you’ll build and strengthen lifelong employability skills, like crafting your career strategy, creating a winning CV, and mastering networking strategies for career success.

A month into Bayes’ MBA is when Professional Development Week takes place.

The week is dedicated to active experimentation and reflective observation, enhancing your leadership, followership, and partnership skills. The main event lies in the Achieving Your Potential programme, a three-day residential stay off-campus that involves a range of practical activities and discussions designed to challenge assumptions, explore leadership styles, and examine examples of effective communication in challenging team contexts, among others.

During this time, trained facilitators and cohort peers will provide feedback, allowing you to grow from each interaction and experience. This week alone can significantly sharpen your employability skills, and it’s still just the start of what an MBA from Bayes has to offer.

Every Thursday for the first six months of a Bayes MBA is set aside for Careers Thursday. This is a specific time for you to refine and drive your career aspirations, build industry connections, and develop core and elective skills that make you more employable.

MBA students also get a dedicated   contact for coaching and advice throughout their programme and three years post-graduation. Comprising of highly experienced talent management professionals with backgrounds in recruitment, assessment and selection, occupational psychology, career coaching and leadership development, their vast expertise is a key support in helping you through the interconnected stages of your career.

Arpan Sinha from India joined Bayes’ MBA conscious that he was among the older students. “I thought perhaps I was too far into my career to make a change,” says the former Scrum Master. However, upon the Careers and Professional Development Team’s encouragement and advice of keeping an open mind and leveraging the Bayes network to make valuable connections and explore other avenues, Sinha was able to fully commit to his MBA and take his career by the reins.

“This guidance, along with the corporate engagement events, exposed me to companies and career paths I hadn’t previously allowed myself to consider,” says Sinha, now a Senior Executive (Manager) at London’s EY Parthenon. Bayes’ MBA not only helps put you ahead of the crowd, but it’s also an opportunity to change what you’re doing. More than half (57%) of students have changed job function, 60% changed industries, and 77% changed location, mostly thanks to the Careers curriculum and its plentiful career management and employability workshops.

As the Careers curriculum focuses on developing the essential skills expected from MBA hires, workshops emphasise enhancing your executive presence, networking, and team building. The Bayes Careers Leadership Framework provides interactive, applied opportunities to develop those skills. And you’ll also have help perfecting your LinkedIn profile and interview techniques.

These sessions are delivered by experts in the field, allowing you to gain a competitive edge in job applications. It’s seen its share of success too, with 90% of students seeking employment receiving job offers within six months of graduation, 69% seeing an increase in salary versus their pre-MBA salary, and 34% making a career triple jump, that is, changing location, industry, and function after graduation.

Results like these show why Bayes is ranked #7 in the UK and #19 in Europe in the Financial Times Global MBA ranking 2023. It’s also #2 in the UK, #5 in Europe, and #13 worldwide in Poets and Quants World’s Best MBA Programmes for Entrepreneurship 2024.

“We constantly ask what’s changing in the market – how can we ensure our students have the edge?” says Director of Postgraduate Careers and Professional Development Sarah Juillet. “We work closely with employers to inform our Careers programme design so we can make sure our students have the right skills and knowledge to achieve successful careers.”

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