Roseanne Barr Says Jewish, Black Democrats ‘Mind Controlled’


Roseanne Barr has found herself in hot water again, after making controversial statements while appearing on a podcast.

The comedian appeared on the podcast Triggered with Donald Trump Jr., where she discussed her career, stand-up comedy and “calling out the woke mob.”

Trump Jr. went live on the video-sharing platform Rumble with his guest for about an hour and 20 minutes in a video titled: “The Left Wants to Kill Comedy, but They’ll Never Stop Roseanne – TRIGGERED Ep.78.”

During their conversation, she spoke candidly about being “canceled” and falling from stardom.

Roseanne Barr shared a controversial comment online
Roseanne Barr appearing on the Fox News Channel’s “Gutfeld!” on February 14, 2023, in New York City. The comedian made controversial comments on the Triggered with Donald Trump Jr. podcast that have angered many social…

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

She cited a tweet in 2018 that led to her downfall. The tweet in question came in May 2018 when she commented on former White House aide Valerie Jarrett and said she resembled a byproduct of Planet of the Apes and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Shortly after, she shared an online apology: “I am truly sorry for making a bad joke about her politics and looks. I should have known better. “

In the interview with Trump Jr., she said that “Bob Iger” personally fired her, with ABC being part of the Disney group, and that the tweet was turned from a political comment into something that was seen as “racist.”

She also shared that they “used” her dismissal to allegedly cover up other scandals within the wider sector.

Barr went on to say that the democrats had an issue with “classism,” making sure that the “poor” stayed poor and that it was “a miracle I was born poor and rose.” This no longer happens due to the “stupid laws” established by “classist” Democrats, she said.

“Part of classism is racism,” the star said, stating that Black and Jewish individuals should not vote for the Democrats in the future.

A snippet from the interview was posted on X, formerly Twitter, causing quite a stir when it shared her statement: “I don’t think anything is going to wake up the Jews and the blacks who vote Democrat. They’re so severely mind controlled .. I don’t think they can get it.”

One person in shock said: “Wow Rosanne thinks ‘the blacks and Jews are severely mind controlled.’ Deep thoughts by a seemingly ignorant human.”

Another shared: “Red flag when you include ‘the’ in front of a minority group.”

“As a black democrat, the last b**** I’d take advice from is some racist no job having ass raggedy pig like @therealroseanne gtfoh,” a third said.

One social media user said: “I don’t care what stupid ass Roseanne says. I’m a free-thinking black man and I vote the way that I want. I’m not mind controlled. I’m an educated black male adult who is capable of making informed decisions on my own. She needs to have all the seats w her racist a$$.””

Comments of disbelief continued to pour in on the post, including: “This outright racism and anti-semitic commentary is brought to you by the Trump campaign,” while another concerned onlooker shared: “I am genuinely sad for what happened to Rosie.”

The full interview on the streaming platform Rumble has been viewed 204,000 times.

Newsweek has contacted representatives of Barr and Trump Jr. via email for comment.