Inside Cantopop star Race Wong’s lavish Singapore home: one half of duo 2R now lives in a US$12.7 million house with its own cinema and grand piano, while older sis Rosanne still lives in Hong Kong


Celebrities come and go in the cutthroat world of showbiz, with only a select few making it to the top and staying there.

But when a beloved celeb makes a comeback, it almost always sends fans into a frenzy. One such example is Cantopop duo 2R. Made up of sisters Rosanne and Race Wong, the girls came from Singapore to Hong Kong to kick-start their careers in the city’s music industry. Active from 2001 to 2007, the group didn’t officially retire until 2011.

In an unexpected move this May, they re-emerged into the spotlight by starring on TVB’s Star Talk to discuss their lives since leaving the industry.

And it didn’t stop there. Race, now 40, delighted fans by appearing again on the show to give an exclusive tour of her three-storey house in Singapore. The not-so-humble abode reportedly has a US$12.7 million price tag, according to AsiaOne.

Let’s see what the younger Wong has been up to of late, and take a closer look at her lavish Singapore home:

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Race Wong’s opulent home

Race Wong’s basement features a cinema. Photo: @TVB Entertainment News Station/YouTube

In the show, Wong starts her house tour from the basement, which her businessman husband David Loh refers to as the “man cave”, featuring a home theatre set-up complete with plush leather seats adorned with stuffed toys and a projection screen.

Equipped with a foosball, air hockey and pool table, the space is ideal for entertaining, and Loh says he often invites friends over for happy hours.

The basement of the couple’s home is what Race Wong’s husband David Loh calls his “man cave”, equipped with foosball, air hockey and pool tables. Photo: @TVB Entertainment News Station/YouTube

The show then reveals the couple’s gym room, where Loh works out everyday. Wong, meanwhile, not so much. “I must confess, I’m quite lazy and rarely use the gym myself,” she says in the clip.

Race Wong confessed that she rarely uses the gym at home. Photo: @TVB Entertainment News Station/YouTube

Ascending to the first floor by a lift – yes, an actual elevator – Wong unveils the elegant dining space. The walls employ light wood panelling and the presence of floor-to-ceiling cupboards create a cosy ambience.

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On one side of the room, a white marble dining table catches the eye, capable of accommodating eight people. This table serves as a gathering spot where Wong and her family often enjoy breakfast, she says.

Race Wong at her family’s breakfast table. Photo: @TVB Entertainment News Station/YouTube

With space for up to 14 guests, a long table in dark oak occupies the other side of the dining area, ideal for entertaining.

Race Wong’s dark oak table in the spacious dining area. Photo: @TVB Entertainment News Station/YouTube

Wong’s house is also covered with art and her mesmerising collection showcases her sophisticated taste and passion for art.

Lastly, the lady of the house revealed the pièce de résistance of her living room – a magnificent grand piano, given to her as a heartfelt birthday gift from her husband.

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Star of Cantopop duo 2R, Race Wong’s husband gifted her a magnificent grand piano. Photo: @TVB Entertainment News Station/YouTube

The grand piano not only adds a touch of elegance to the living room, but it also serves a practical purpose. The couple’s daughter is currently learning to play the instrument.

The Wong sisters

Cantopop duo 2R’s sisters Rosanne Wong and Race Wong (right). Photo: @missracewong/Instagram

While Wong has settled now, she said she didn’t have a stable life in her early years because her family would move around a lot. “Until I was five, I lived in Malaysia before moving to Singapore,” she said. “After that, we would relocate almost once every two years.”

She estimated that she had relocated close to 30 times during the course of her life.

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Rosanne Wong with her sons hiking in Hong Kong. Photo: @rosannewong/Instagram

The other half of the 2R duo, older sis Rosanne Wong, now lives in Hong Kong alongside her dentist husband and their two sons, Dylan and Daniel.

While Rosanne and Race have embarked on different journeys after becoming famous in showbiz, their subsequent achievements and success have continued to inspire their fans.


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