High-Demand Machine Learning Job Roles in the UK


Machine Learning Jobs

Exploring demand-high machine learning jobs in the UK with a complete guide for 2024

In the tech sector, there is a noticeable increase in demand for machine learning jobs, particularly in the UK. Artificial intelligence has made machine learning knowledge increasingly valuable, making it a highly sought-after tech skill. Consequently, the number of Jobs in the UK that need these talents has increased. Businesses are searching for experts who can leverage machine learning algorithms to stimulate innovation and corporate expansion. This pattern illustrates how artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming more and more important in determining the direction of the tech sector. The most recent, in-demand machine learning jobs in the UK are listed below:

1. Machine learning engineer:

One of the most popular and well-paying positions in machine learning is developing algorithms and programs that let computers learn on their own. This position pays £55,663 on average annually.

2. Data scientist:

To find patterns, trends, and insights, this well-liked and lucrative machine learning position entails gathering, evaluating, and interpreting sizable and intricate data sets. The annual compensation for this position is £49,547 on average.

3. Machine learning researcher:

This machine learning position is highly specialized and academic, requiring the development of novel ideas, methods, and applications in addition to original research. For this position, the yearly income average is £48,000.

4. Machine learning specialist:

Applying machine learning methods and tools to particular domains or issues, including recommender systems, computer vision, or natural language processing, is the focus of this highly specialized and concentrated machine learning position. For this position, the yearly compensation average is £45,000.

5. Data analyst:

This is a more generic, entry-level machine learning position that entails producing reports and insights for stakeholders in addition to evaluating and processing data typically from a sizable data set. This position pays £33,561 on average annually.

6. Business intelligence developer:

To assist corporate decision-making and performance, this machine learning position is more strategically focused and business-oriented. It entails planning, developing, and managing data and analytics solutions. £44,732 is the average annual compensation for this position.

7. Software developer:

Developing, testing, and debugging software applications that make use of machine learning elements or features, such as chatbots, voice assistants, or facial recognition, is the scope of this more expansive and adaptable machine learning position. The annual compensation for this position is £46,721 on average.

8. Data engineer:

Construction and management of the platforms and data pipelines that provide data gathering, storing, processing, and analysis for machine learning projects are part of this more in-depth, infrastructure-related machine learning position. This position pays £41,000 on average annually.

9. Machine learning consultant:

To help firms or organizations implement or enhance their machine learning initiatives, this machine learning job is more client-facing and advisory in nature. It entails offering professional advice and solutions. For this position, the typical annual income is £50,000.

10. Machine learning educator:

Creating, presenting, and assessing machine learning courses, programs, or workshops for professionals, hobbyists, or students who wish to advance their machine learning abilities is more of a teaching and mentoring role in this machine learning position. This position typically pays £40,000 annually.


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