Goodwill aims to add jobs during high unemployment rates


Labor Day is an annual holiday celebrated on the first Monday of September to honor the contributions and achievements of American workers. Labor activists in the late 1800s advocated for a federal holiday to acknowledge the social and economic impact of workers on the strength, prosperity, and well-being of America. Several states introduced bills after municipal ordinances were passed in 1885 and 1886. Oregon recognized Labor Day in 1887, followed by other states. In 1894, Congress passed an act making the first Monday of September a legal holiday.

According to a recent Labor Department report, the economy added 187,000 jobs in August despite a slight increase in the unemployment rate to 3.8%. With an uncertain job market and a  higher cost of living compared to previous years, Goodwill of North Georgia is committed to providing free job skills and training to individuals to help them secure stable employment and achieve financial independence that will help prepare them for most economic instability. Goodwill of North Georgia connected 22,113 people with job opportunities in 2023, making it the top-performing Goodwill in the country for job placements.

Lisa Edwards was one of the individuals who found a new job and training through Goodwill of North Georgia. Despite having over 30 years of experience, Edwards was worried that being over 65 would hinder her ability to secure new employment. However, after meeting with a career coach at the Smyrna Career Center, Edwards condensed her four-page resume into a strategic one-page document highlighting her skills and areas of expertise. Additionally, she created three variations of her resume to use when applying to new jobs. Thanks to this approach, Edwards secured new employment and still consults with the Goodwill career coach for new strategies on her LinkedIn profile.

Regardless of an individual’s background or previous circumstances, Goodwill of North Georgia has the resources needed to assist anyone with a second start at finding A job, A better job, and A career. Darnell Champion relocated to Atlanta in search of a fresh start. However, he found himself homeless and struggling with drug addiction. He referred to himself as his “best customer” and sought the help of a counselor who recommended the Goodwill facility services program, which partnered with the IRS. During this time, Champion was able to stay sober and eventually landed a full-time job as a custodian supervisor through Goodwill. He has been working there since 2004 and plans to retire next year.
Labor Day is a significant day in the U.S. that recognizes the role of workers in the country’s development and the history of labor. Goodwill of North Georgia acknowledges this day and pledges to continue its efforts to fulfill its mission of putting people to work. The organization operates 14 career centers and a virtual career center named Career Connector, using funds generated through donations and retail stores.

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