Gangrel on potentially working with Damian Priest


Former WWE Superstar Gangrel shared his insights on Damian Priest and Hall of Famer Edge working together as a team.

On Night 2 of WrestleMania 38, Priest made a ringside appearance during Edge’s match against AJ Styles. This resulted in The Phenomenal One getting distracted and losing the match.

On RAW after WrestleMania, the Hall of Famer and the Archer of Infamy appeared dressed in black, citing that they had a new purpose. The former United States Champion vowed to be a follower of Edge, stating his decision to stop pleasing everyone as he was expected to.

In an interaction with Nick Hausman of The Wrestling Inc, Gangrel highlighted that there were no discussions with Christian or Edge on a potential reunion. He further stated a potential alliance with Priest and Edge would not be so bad.

“There’s no reunions, no talks, with Christian or Edge,” Gangrel said. “Although it would be really cool to be with Damian Priest and Edge, that’s cool. I love how he’s got like a mixed Brood/Taker vibe with the raise of the chair and the fire.” [H/T Wrestling Inc]

The former member of The Brood added that his interactions with the 39-year-old superstar have been cool, and it would be interesting to see Rhea Ripley added to the faction.

“And from what I know of Damian Priest, all my interactions with him, a few conversations that I have had with him, he’s a great dude. So, I think they deserve each other, in a good way, and I hope they do really good business, and I hope they do big things. I hope they get Rhea Ripley, and some really cool people in this faction, and so some really cool stuff.”

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Priest debuted on NXT in 2018. At NXT Takeover: XXX, the RAW Superstar successfully competed in a ladder match to win the NXT North American Championship.

Damian Priest has a new darker, and mysterious persona

Damian Priest is known for his unique look and style in the ring and has been working as a face till date.

The Archer of Infamy made his RAW debut post-Royal Rumble in 2021. Priest teamed up with Bad Bunny against The Miz and John Morrison. The former United States Champion first turned heel after losing the title to Finn Balor.

The RAW Superstar recently turned heel alongside Edge, making his persona much darker and more mysterious. While both men have an edgy look about them, the chemistry seems to work in their favor.

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