Employees looking for ‘lazy girl jobs’ for best work-life balance


Ah, to conquer the world while remaining relaxed on your couch, with only minimal effort. Could it be possible?

“With stress levels and burnout rates at an all-time high, it’s not hard to see why trends like ‘lazy girl jobs,’ ‘quiet quitting’ and more are emerging post-pandemic as a response to the ‘hustle culture’ which glorifies overworking,” said Esther Cohen, director of marketing at Workamajig, a marketing project-management software company in Oakhurst, NJ.

As Cohen highlighted, this new phenomenon is most popular with a younger generation that prioritizes work-life balance over traditional career ambitions and demands more flexibility, autonomy and control, along with higher pay and better benefits.

To that point, some number crunching by Workamajig found that younger workers are resigning at a higher rate than older workers if they’re unhappy with their work environment and benefits, with 37% of Gen Zers and millennials quitting between 2021 and 2022.

In true youngster fashion, they’re taking their thoughts to TikTok and creating a buzz around the “lazy girl jobs” hashtag.

Per Workamajig, the top three jobs that meet the criteria are cloud engineer, E-learning assistant and translator — but we’re raising our eyebrows at some jobs, like accountants or legal assistants, that don’t exactly seem like a primo choice for slackers.

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Per Workamajig, the top three jobs that meet the “lazy girl” criteria are cloud engineer, E-learning assistant and translator.
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However, Cohen cautioned that a “lazy girl job” doesn’t mean you’re lazy or that no hard work is involved.

“Instead, the movement calls for low-stress roles that pay decently well while allowing some work-life balance and flexibility,” said Cohen.

“Some jobs we see gaining massive popularity on TikTok thanks to this trend include data analyst and data-entry specialist,” she continued.

If you want to pave the path of your career in a lucrative field such as digital content creation, freelance writing or social media management, there are plenty of opportunities to do so as well, per Cohen.

And it might not take a college or grad school degree or advanced certifications to break into a high-paying niche.

“More and more organizations have been rethinking their hiring practices in recent years, with many removing the college degree requirement altogether and/or prioritizing applicants’ experience, potential and skills, making it easier for those looking to start a new career,” said Cohen.

“With the widespread availability of online learning resources, internships, and accessible educational platforms such as Udemy and Coursera, building the skills and experience needed to land your dream job should be more accessible than ever,” she added.

Skill-based professions such as writing, digital marketing and p.r. rely on communicating effectively, which can be achieved through practice and dedication, stressed Cohen.

You can also enroll in workshops, apprenticeships and mentorship programs in areas like these to level up your skills and get hired.

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Between 2021 and 2022, 37% of Gen Zers and millennials quit their jobs.
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Taking such coursework can help you stay up-to-date with the latest creative trends and techniques and increase your value as a professional, said Cohen, noting that Workamajig offers a scholarship to access high-level online marketing courses for those looking to join the creative industry and enhance their skill set.

Cohen singles out social media influencers in particular.

To wit, they use their talent and creativity to work on their own schedule and make thousands of dollars through brand partnerships and sponsored content.

“While some may or may not have a college degree, no formal education credential has likely been required to achieve their success,” she said.

In an already saturated field, remember that individuality is key, so do your best to identify a niche you want to focus on, whether it’s vegan baking in small kitchens or being a street magician for passersby.

While being a sloth is great and all, don’t overlook the importance of being interested in whatever low-effort career path or side hustle you pursue.

“While having flexibility, a good salary and a work-life balance are important, it’s also crucial to find a career you are passionate about and that brings fulfillment and joy,” said Cohen.

That’s why the marketing pro recommends considering occupations that are the most aligned with your skills and interests.

Another important thing is to be realistic about your expectations, said Cohen. “There is no such thing as a truly ‘lazy’ job. While some careers may offer more flexibility, all jobs require some level of hard work, effort or dedication,” she said.

Along those lines, Cohen underscored the significance of doing your homework on a given career course.

“There are plenty of ‘lazy girl’ jobs out there. Take some time to explore and evaluate your options, and find the one most aligned with your skills and life goals,” she said.


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