Career Astrology: Placements That Reveal Your True Calling


Our natal charts are filled with hidden treasures that can be unlocked with the analysis of certain signs and house placements.

When we want to uncover our career paths, analyzing the 10th house is essential since it can show what motivates us and how we can channel that energy to get where we want to be. Another piece to the puzzle is the sign of the Midheaven. It can reveal how we present ourselves to others at work or on the public level. Planets and aspects also help tell another story.

Using career astrology to find your true calling

The natal chart is filled with many possibilities and other placements show where we feel the spark and passion for our careers. Having one of these placements does not guarantee you will enter the fields noted above. However, analyzing the planets can bring you some clarity about the direction and what sparks some love.

The Midheaven or each planet aspecting it (and the ruler) creates the potential for a new story, but only you will write the outcome of your journey and have full control of your destiny.

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The Midheaven sign

The Midheaven says a lot about our career direction and inspiration. Looking at this placement, the aspects, planets, and the ruler of the tenth show a lot about career choices and what can make us feel more fulfilled.


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