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This monthly astrology column will provide insights into your career and overall wellbeing.

We are halfway through the year that has already given us big changes and transitions. On July 17, we officially welcome in a new dynamic that will allow us to begin the next phase of our exploration of the self journey.  

As the lunar nodes move into Aries and Libra, we are invited to understand ourselves more deeply, release relationships that no longer serve us, recognize how we are perpetuating unhealthy dynamics, and develop better conflict resolution skills. 

We’ll be deep in these lessons for two and half years. Those who have key placements in Aries and Libra, it will feel more intense for you. Key placements include sun, moon, rising and north node. 

If you’re an Aries or Libra sun or rising, you’ve already started to feel a big shift in who you are, the people you surround yourself with, and the relationship with yourself and others. 

For everyone else, you’ll be working through these themes especially during eclipse season (next one is in October 2023).

Read below for journal prompts that will help you set intentions for the next few years. Be sure to revisit them when eclipse season happens (twice a year, usually around April/May and October/November).

Traditionally, you can read for both your sun and rising. I prefer rising. As in if your rising sign (ASC) is Cancer, read for that. I like to also read for my moon sign when I need extra insights into how I need to self-care and connect with my inner child. 

Don’t know your placements? Visit to understand them with your free career astrology report. Come back and read your July astrology message.


How is your internal world shifting? What parts of your identity no longer serve you? What new feelings, words, roles, etc. would you like to identify more with?


What parts of you need more healing? Do you have good self-care practices to help you manage stress, deal with change and work on releasing past challenges?


Be honest with yourself. Which friendships really light you up? Who can you be authentically you with? 


What is an ideal job/career/work situation like for you? How can you create the work reality of your dreams? What are steps you can take today to gain clarity?


Your mind creates the world you live in. Do you need to update your operating system? What beliefs no longer serve your highest good? 


Where in your life do you feel empowered? Who allows you to feel confident? When and with whom do you feel small? How can you reduce your time with the latter? 


Are you giving to the right people? Have you forgotten about your needs? How can you prioritize yourself and surround yourself with people who support you as much as you support them?


How is your holistic health from a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being great)? What new routines do you need to ensure your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health are being taken care of? 


Think back to when you were younger. What activities did you love? How did you spend your time? How can you honor your inner child?


How do you feel when you need to shift your focus from work to home? Can you find more balance between the two? How can you make sure that your home life is thriving just as much as your career?


Do you have a stage or platform to share your ideas? How can you build more authentic community? 


What is your relationship like with money? How would you like to update your money stories and relationship with money? 

(Astrology enthusiasts, this message is based off of North Node in Aries. This changes from month to month based on what I feel will be the most impactful to share.) 

Alice Hu is the fractional chief mindfulness officer, career astrologer and founder at Woo Woo Company. Learn more about Hu at and follow her on Instagram @woowooco. Get your free career astrology report at

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