Archdeacon moves

THE Ven. Peter Townley, Archdeacon of Pontefract since 2008, is to be house-for-duty Assistant Minister of Sherburn-in-Elmet with Saxton, in York diocese. Archdeacon Townley was ordained priest in 1981 and served his title in Manchester diocese. In 1996, he moved to St Edmundsbury & Ipswich diocese, where he served as Vicar and Rural Dean and was an Hon. Canon of St Edmundsbury Cathedral. He took up his current post when it was in Wakefield diocese.

The Bishop of Leeds, the Rt Revd Nick Baines, said: “He bridged the transition from the historic diocese of Wakefield into the new diocese with grace, generosity, and adaptability.” The Archdeacon has also served as Mothers’ Union Chaplain, and Wakefield Area Clergy Development Officer.


AMESS. The Revd Rosanne Amess, Assistant Curate in the South Cheltenham Team Ministry (Gloucester), to be Associate Priest.

BAILEY. The Revd Patricia Bailey, formerly Rector of Ibstock with Heather, now Assistant Curate (Associate Priest) in the Fenn Lanes Group (Leicester).

BARR. The Revd Dr Mary Barr, Team Vicar in the Melton Mowbray Team Ministry (Leicester), to be Team Rector.

BLID-MACKENZIE. The Revd Ylva Blid-Mackenze, Assistant NS Curate of Benenden and Sandhurst (Canterbury), to be NS Associate Priest.

BROWN. The Revd Anne Brown, Vicar of the Atlantic Coast Cluster, and Hon. Canon of Truro Cathedral (Truro), to be Chaplain of St James’s, Fuerteventura, Spain (Europe).

BRUMFITT. The Revd Catherine Brumfitt, Rector of Bradeley, Church Eaton, Derrington and Haughton, to be also Rural Dean of Stafford (Lichfield).

BUSH. The Revd Caspar Bush, Team Rector in the Redruth with Lanner and Treleigh Team Ministry, and Rural Dean of Carnmarth North (Truro), to be Team Rector in the Marden Vale Team Ministry (Salisbury).

BUTLER. The Revd Christine Butler, Rector of Pilton with Croscombe, North Wootton and Dinder (Bath & Wells), to be Rector of the Sodbury Vale Benefice (Gloucester).

BVEKERWA. The Revd Kudzayi Bvekerwa, formerly in Harare diocese (Church of the Province of Central Africa), now Vicar of St Leonard’s, Banbury (Oxford).

CLARKE MOISLEY. The Revd Lisselle Clarke Moisley, Assistant Curate of St Luke’s, Colchester (Chelmsford). to be Ordained Member of the Pilsdon Community (Salisbury).

CLOSE. The Revd Mark Close, Priest-in-Charge of Hucclecote (Gloucester), to be Chaplain of Exeter School (Exeter).

CROMARTY. The Revd Andrew Cromarty, Vicar of Hipswell, to be house-for-duty Assistant Curate (Associate Minister) of the Fountains Group (Leeds).

DAVIES. The Revd Felicity Davies, Rector of Ickenham (London), to be Interim Minister of St Andrew’s, Burgess Hill (Chichester).

DAVIS. The Revd Emily Davis, Priest-in-Charge in the Whittlesey, Pondersbridge and Coates Team Ministry (Ely), to be Team Rector.

DEAN. The Revd Clare Dean, Assistant Curate of Hampton-in-Arden with Bickenhill (Birmingham), to be Vicar of Stour Vale (Salisbury).

DICKINSON. The Revd Gareth Dickinson, Vicar of St Luke the Evangelist, Maidstone, now also Area Dean of Maidstone (Canterbury).

DODD. The Revd Justin Dodd, Vicar of St Barnabas’s, Ealing (London), to be Canon Missioner of Sheffield Cathedral (Sheffield).

DOOLAN. The Revd Benjamin Doolan, Master of St Thomas’s Proprietary Chapel, Newcastle upon Tyne, Assistant Curate (Associate Priest) of Newcastle Cathedral and Diocesan Resource Church Leader, now also Priest-in-Charge of St Luke’s, Newcastle upon Tyne (Newcastle).

FELLOWS. The Revd Simon Fellows, Assistant Curate (Associate Minister) of Bethesda Church, Faroe Islands (Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Faroe Islands), to be Assistant Curate (Associate Vicar) of Christ Church and St Andrew’s, Herne Bay (Canterbury).

FRY. The Revd Nigel Fry, Rector of Barby and Kilsby (Peterborough), to be Ordained Member of the Pilsdon Community (Salisbury).

GORTON. The Revd Matthew Gorton, Assistant Curate of the Kingsbridge, Dodbrooke and West Alvington Mission Community, to be part-time Priest-in-Charge of the Coast and Country Mission Community (Exeter).

GUBBINS. The Revd Andrew Gubbins, Priest-in-Charge of St Peter’s, Chippenham, now Priest-in-Charge of the Okeford Benefice (Salisbury).

HARDY. The Revd Dr Lesley Hardy, formerly Assistant Curate of Barham Downs with Adisham, to be Priest-in-Charge of the Little Stour Benefice (Canterbury).

HARPER. The Revd Rosalind Harper, Assistant Curate of Burbage cum Aston Flamville, to be Team Vicar in the Fosse Team Ministry, with responsibility for Syston and East Goscote (Leicester).

HODDER. The Revd Matthew Hodder, Assistant Curate in the Bexley Team Ministry (Rochester), to be Priest-in-Charge of St Peter in the Isle of Thanet (Canterbury).

INESON. The Revd Mathew Ineson, NS Assistant Curate of St Peter’s, Vauxhall (Bishop’s Mission Order) (Southwark), now NS Assistant Curate of St Stephen’s, Twickenham (London).

JAMES. The Revd Dr Richard James, Rector of Holy Trinity, Heigham, to be also Hon. Canon of Norwich Cathedral (Norwich).

JARY. The Revd Helen Jary, Team Rector in the Oulton Broad Team Ministry, and Rural Dean of Lothingland, to be also Hon. Canon of Norwich Cathedral (Norwich).

JEEWAN. The Revd Alexander Jeewan, Team Vicar in the Saffron Walden and Villages Team Ministry (Chelmsford), to be Priest-in-Charge of Milton (Ely).

KAYE. The Revd Timothy Kaye, formerly house-for-duty Assistant Curate (Associate Priest) of Briercliffe, to be Interim Priest-in-Charge of St Andrew with St Margaret and St James, Burnley (Blackburn).

KENNEDY. The Revd Jason Kennedy, NS Assistant Curate (Associate Priest) of Littleover and Blagreaves, to be part-time Assistant Curate (Associate Minister) of Littleover and Blagreaves, and of Findern, and part-time Interim Assistant Curate (Enabling Minister) of the Haven Local Ecumenical Partnership (Derby).

KERR. The Revd Karlene Kerr, Team Vicar in the Gaywood Team Ministry, Rural Dean of Lynn, Diocesan Ecumenical Officer, and Bishop’s Adviser for UK Minority Ethnic Affairs, to be also Hon. Canon of Norwich Cathedral (Norwich).

LARKEY. The Revd Deborah Larkey, Vicar of Lund (Blackburn), to be Team Vicar in the Whitton Team Ministry (Salisbury).

MABEY. The Revd Dion Mabey, Assistant Curate of Northwood and of Gurnard with St Faith’s, Cowes (Portsmouth), now Associate Priest of both.

MEYRICK. The Revd George Meyrick, Assistant Curate of All Saints’, Fulham (London), now Associate Vicar.

MILLER. The Revd Ian Miller, Assistant Curate of St Andrew and St Mary Magdalene, Maidenhead (Oxford), now Associate Minister.

MOLONEY. The Revd Francis Moloney, Assistant Curate in the Holy Trinity Team Ministry, Redditch (Worcester), to be Team Vicar in the Melksham Team Ministry (Salisbury).

MUSINDI. The Revd Philip Musindi, formerly Joint Area Dean of Thanet, now Area Dean, remaining Vicar of Reading Street, Broadstairs, and Visitors’ Chaplain of Canterbury Cathedral (Canterbury).

MYCOCK. The Revd Malcolm Mycock, Interim Assistant Curate (Associate Vicar) in the Bucknall Team Ministry (Lichfield), to be Team Vicar.

PARSONS. The Revd Jeremy Parsons, Team Vicar in the Cherwell Valley Team Ministry, now Rector of Harwell with Chilton (Oxford).

PRENDERGAST. The Revd Sally Prendergast, NS Assistant Curate of Wendover, now NS Assistant Curate (Associate Minister) in the Risborough Team Ministry (Oxford).

READER. The Revd Dr John Reader, formerly Rector of the Ironstone Benefice, now Rector of Wootton with Glympton and Kiddington (Oxford).

RIGHETTI. The Revd James Righetti, formerly in Australia, now Chaplain of Stowe School (Oxford).

ROBERTS. The Revd Sharon Roberts, Team Vicar in the Beaconsfield Team Ministry (Oxford), now Team Rector.

RODD. The Revd Philip Rodd, Vicar of St Andrew’s, Eaton, to be part-team Team Vicar in the proposed Flegg Team Ministry (Norwich).

ROGERS. The Revd Damon Rogers, Vicar of St Andrew’s, Lowestoft, to be also Hon. Canon of Norwich Cathedral (Norwich).

SAUNDERS. The Revd Bridget Saunders, NS Assistant Curate in the Fosse Team Ministry (Leicester), to be NS Associate Priest.

SHERMAN. The Revd Cornelia Sherman, Co-ordinating Chaplain of the University of Portsmouth, to be Lead Chaplain of Queen Alexandra Hospital, in the Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust (Portsmouth).

SIMONS. The Revd Joseph Simons, Assistant Curate of Cleobury Mortimer with Hopton Wafers, Neen Sollars and Milson, Neen Savage with Kinlet and Doddington, to be Priest-in-Charge of Ditton Priors with Neenton, Burwarton, Cloebury North, Aston Botterell, Wheathill and Loughton and Chetton, and Diocesan Mission Enabler (Hereford).

SIMPSON-GRAY. The Revd Lennox (Rickey) Simpson-Gray, Team Vicar in the Claydons and Swan Team Ministry, now Vicar of St Sebastian’s, Wokingham (Oxford).

SONET. The Revd Solveig Sonet, Assistant Curate in the Swanage and Studland Team Ministry, to be Vicar of St John the Evangelist, Guernsey, and Chaplain of HM Prison Guernsey (Salisbury).

STEER. The Revd Caroline Steer, Curate-in-Charge of Aspley Guise with Husborne Crawley and Ridgemont (St Albans), to be part-time Priest-in-Charge.

STEPHENSON. The Revd Bryan Stephenson, NS Assistant Curate of St Luke and St Peter, Southsea (Portsmouth), now NS Associate Priest.

STEPHENSON. The Revd Juliet Stephenson, NS Assistant Curate (Assistant Priest) of St Margaret’s, Toxteth (Liverpool), to be Vicar of Holy Trinity with St Nicholas, Weymouth (Salisbury).

SYLVESTER. The Revd Jeremy Sylvester, Team Rector in the Darlaston and Moxley Team Ministry, to be also Rural Dean of Wednesbury (Lichfield).

THORP. The Revd Samuel Thorp, Assistant Curate in the Diss Team Ministry (Norwich), now Vicar of Penn and Tylers Green (Oxford).

TWINE. The Revd Jacqueline Twine, Interim Minister of St Simon, Southsea (Portsmouth), to be Priest-in-Charge.

WAGNER. The Revd Alison Wagner, Assistant Curate of St Giles’, Northampton, to be Team Vicar in the Kingsthorpe Team Ministry, with responsibility for St David’s, and Chaplain of Malcolm Arnold Academy (Peterborough).

WELLS. The Revd Nicholas Wells, Assistant Curate of the Wimborne Minster and Wimborne Villages Benefice, to be Vicar of Talbot Village (Salisbury).

WILLIAMS. The Revd Andrew Williams, Team Vicar in the Macclesfield Team Ministry (Chester), to be part-time Vicar of Grimsargh (Blackburn).

WOODWARD. The Revd Natasha Woodward, Priest-in-Charge of Christ Church with St Laurence, Brondesbury, to be Priest-in-Charge of St Mary Magdalene’s and St Peter’s, Paddington (London).

WRIGHT. The Revd David Wright, Team Rector in the Central Wolverhampton Team Ministry, Area Dean of Wolverhampton, and Prebendary of Lichfield Cathedral (Lichfield), to be Chancellor of St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral, Valletta, Malta, and Chaplain in Malta and Gozo (Europe).


BUTLER. The Revd Huw Butler, Leader of Alyn Mission Area Leader, to be also Cursal Canon of St Asaph Cathedral (St Asaph).

FRASER. The Revd Juliet Fraser, Priest-in-Charge in the Aberconwy Mission Area, to be also Hon. Canon of St Asaph Cathedral (St Asaph).

GHEORGHIU GOULD. The Revd Helen Gheorghiu Gould, Priest-in-Charge in the Valle Crucis Mission Area, to be Transitional Minister in the Aber-Morfa Mission Area (St Asaph).

GREENFIELD. The Revd Diana Greenfield, Assistant Curate of Glastonbury with Meare and of Street with Walton and Compton Dundon, and Diocesan Adviser on New Religious Movements and Alternative Spiritualities (Bath & Wells), to be Priest-in-Charge in the Dyffryn Clwyd Mission Area (St Asaph).

LEWIS. The Revd David Lewis, Leader of the Bryn a Môr Mission Area, to be also Hon. Canon of St Asaph Cathedral (St Asaph).

PAWLEY. The Revd Adam Pawley, Priest-in-Charge in the Pool Mission Area, to be also Hon. Canon of St Asaph Cathedral (St Asaph).

PIERCE JONES. The Revd Alan Pierce Jones, Wales Chaplaincy Headquarters Adviser of HM Prison and Probation Service, to be also Hon. Canon of St Asaph Cathedral (St Asaph).

WILKES. The Revd Jeanette Wilkes, Priest-in-Charge in the Cedewain Mission Area, to be Priest-in-Charge in the Mold Mission Area (St Asaph).


CLARKE. The Revd Benjamin Clarke, Assistant Curate of Gerrards Cross and Fulmer (Oxford), now Rector of Christ Central Anglican Church, Corvallis, Oregon (Rocky Mountains, ACNA).

ROGERS. The Revd Christopher Rogers, Assistant Curate (Associate Vicar) of St Mary Abbots, Kensington (London), to be Rector of St Matthew’s, Saint Paul (Minnesota, ECUSA).


(Admitted and licensed)

Diocese of Guildford (by the Bishop in St Stephen’s, Shottermill, on 24 June): Sarah Weldon.

Diocese of Portsmouth (by the Bishop in his cathedral on 1 July): Chris Nicol, Vicky Evans.


DAVIS. Mark Davis, Head Teacher of St Peter’s Bratton, Church of England Academy, Telford, to be Diocesan Director of Education (Lichfield).

JEFFRIES. Mark Jeffries, Chair of the Diocesan Board of Finance, to be also Hon. Lay Canon of Norwich Cathedral (Norwich).

THROWER. Debbie Thrower, Anna Chaplain, to be also Canon of Honour of Portsmouth Cathedral (Portsmouth).


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