63 Best Fully Remote Jobs to Apply for in March 2024


Compensation at Microsoft is usually ample and right now the tech giant seems particularly keen to add experience to its ranks, meaning salaries in excess of $100k are usually the norm.

This means you’ll have to look elsewhere for remote jobs you can do with no qualifications, but provided you’ve got a robust resume then Microsoft could be an ideal landing spot if you want to work from home most or all of the time.

Here’s a small sample of some of the fully remote jobs live at Microsoft this March.

  • Principal Content Manager
  • Technical Program Manager
  • Senior Abuse and Fraud Specialist
  • Software Engineer (multiple levels and vacancies)
  • Copilot Integrated Marketing Lead
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Senior Data Scientist
  • Technology Consultant – Data & AI
  • Principal Security Researcher
  • Senior Director, Partner Sales

Apply for these jobs and view specifics such as salary ranges over at the Microsoft careers site.


Salesforce is a tech industry giant that’s known for many things. Its annual user conference, Dreamforce, is one of the world’s biggest tech events. Its flagship software is one of the best sales dashboards (and most popular CRMs) around. And it’s a great employer when it comes to fully remote working.

While not as universally pro-remote work as somewhere like Microsoft, Salesforce still offers flexible working arrangements for many positions. After all, its larger than life CEO Marc Benioff is known to be a remote worker himself and the outlook trickles down to most areas of the company, not just the hangar he keeps his Gulfstream private jet in.

Right now, it translates into over 150 remote jobs being hired for at Salesforce, which is up from the 133 vacancies we highlighted in our February ’24 roundup. That’s a positive sign, especially if you’re a software engineer, developer or sales rep, as this month’s listings are heavy on these kinds of roles.

Heck, you might even find yourself working with the Department of Defense! Here’s a taste of the fully remote jobs at Salesforce this month.

  • Senior Salesforce Developer
  • Success Guide
  • Account Executive
  • Sales Strategy Manager
  • Director, Engagement Delivery
  • Product Security Engineer
  • Digital Designer
  • Technical Account Manager
  • Account Executive, Department of Defense

Head over to the Salesforce jobs site to apply and learn more.


A new entrant and our first dark horse this month is Williams-Sonoma. Yep, the same Williams-Sonoma that sells those fancy chocolate covered strawberries you buy your boss every Christmas (but you’re still waiting on that promotion, hence you’re here).

With hundreds of stores in the US and around the world, plus high profile sub-brands like Pottery Barn to its name, Williams-Sonoma is a billion dollar company that’s current advertising a handful of intriguing remote jobs.

While some arms of the multinational company have instigated a return-to-office policy, its customer care division still boasts a nearly 85% fully remote workforce. There aren’t as many as some of the big names on this list, but these are more entry-level jobs and make a good jumping off point if your resume doesn’t double as a doorstop.

They also currently have at least one part-time opportunity we’ve spied, making it ideal for someone looking to devote more time to their family or side hustle.

  • Chargeback Associate, Fraud Operations
  • Customer Service Representative (Full-time)
  • Customer Service Representative (Part-time)
  • Project Manager
  • Virtual Design Studio Specialist x2

You can apply for these roles at the Williams-Sonoma customer care team site, or browse the company’s full range of over 1,000 current vacancies, bearing in mind we can only 100% confirm the ones highlighted above as fully remote.


What to make of Google? The company has basically said it will penalize workers who don’t return to the office, yet continues to widely offer remote work as a perk for a number of roles.

As of March 2024, in practice this means Google is hiring for more than 75 jobs listed as “remote eligible.” These aren’t applications for the faint hearted, though, and you can expect a rigorous interview process in addition to the basic requirements like multiple years of experience in your field and a Bachelor’s or Masters degree.

Google’s Cloud division seems to be on a particular hiring spree at the minute, so here are some of the fully remote jobs you can apply for right now:

  • Data Analytics and AI Sales Lead, Public Sector
  • Data Center Architect
  • Senior Information Security Engineer
  • Staff Research Scientist, Google Research
  • Enterprise Field Sales Representative, Google Cloud
  • Tech Lead, Product Security Engineering
  • Field Solutions Engineer I, Generative AI, Google Cloud
  • Developer Relations Engineer

Learn more about these and other opportunities over at Google’s careers website.


Intuit is the company behind major business software such as QuickBooks and MailChimp, but more than that, it’s one of the most remote friendly employers around.

In its latest survey of the best remote work companies, Indeed gives it a flexibility score of 88/100, which is second only to Microsoft in its 2024 power rankings. It even offers fully virtual internships, which is a rarity these days now COVID has (mostly) faded from view.

There’s less overall opportunities at Intuit right now compared some of the names on this list, but if you do find the right fit for your skill set you can sign on the dotted line knowing you’ll be working a company that’s genuinely committed to remote work.

Perhaps unsurprisingly for the accounting software developer, there’s serious demand for folks well versed in tax matters. Here are our Intuit job highlights for March.

  • Digital Sales Consultant (Inbound and Outbound vacancies)
  • Partner Development Manager
  • Tax Associates and Experts (multiple vacancies)
  • QuickBooks Live Expert
  • Multi-Domain Expert, SelectTime
  • Director Business Development
  • Senior Manager of Strategic Success, Mailchimp

Head over to the company’s jobs page to learn more and apply.

CVS Health

With nearly 10,000 stores across the US, drugstore chain CVS needs no introduction (especially if you’re from the East Coast, where you literally cannot avoid them).

However, its place in our monthly guide to the best fully remote job opportunities needs a bit more context, as you might associate it more with working part-time summer of senior year.

In actual fact, it’s also a major WFH employer and continues to impress us with just shy of 400 fully remote job vacancies at the time of writing this March. That’s down considerably from the nearly 700 openings we noted in February, but it’s still a more than healthy number and the flipside is it means the company successfully hired for around 300 remote roles last month!

Current vacancies span a range of departments from government relations and technology to clinical services, program management and business administration.

Here are our picks for the best remote jobs at CVS right now.

  • Senior Analyst, Resource Planning
  • Case Manager (multiple vacancies) 
  • Medical Director, Behavioral Health (Special Investigations)
  • Senior Manager, Actuarial Services
  • Senior Android Engineer
  • Inbound Queue Associate, Behavioral Health
  • Senior Technical Program Manager
  • Medicaid Pharmacy Support Technician
  • Quality Assurance Consultant

That’s only scratching the surface, so check out the CVS careers website for even more great fully remote jobs and to apply.

UnitedHealth Group

Sticking with the healthcare theme for a moment, another dark horse when it comes to working remotely is UnitedHealth Group. It’s a major player in the world of health insurance and lays claim to a workforce that’s “over 25%” telecommuters.

That equates to well over 400 fully remote jobs at UnitedHealth being hired for this March, including both healthcare-specific and more general roles across the group.

Some of the vacancies that stood out to us this month, and which part of the group’s umbrella they fall under, include:

  • Senior Pharmacy Audit Representative, Optum
  • Senior Digital Content Strategist, United Healthcare
  • Associate Claims Representative, United Healthcare
  • Senior Manager Data Analytics, United Healthcare
  • Central Support Operations Coordinator, Optum
  • Part-time Licensed Therapist, Optum
  • Executive Assistant, Optum

Head over to the UnitedHealth website to apply and browse all of its latest vacancies.


There’s a strong case that Amazon shouldn’t be on this list, as it has been one of the more radical supporters of the return to office movement. The online mega mart shamefully appears to be stopping employee promotions for those who don’t fall in line, yet it still hires for a number remote roles that you might want to know about.

In fact, the company claims that “remote working is a key aspect of our business’ growth” and there’s no doubt it’s a big employer globally in this respect, with over 70 vacancies live at the time of writing this March.

That’s up from last month, based on our research, and those with technical expertise will be particularly well served. Here are our picks for the top Amazon remote jobs this month you can apply for.

  • Senior Operations Engineer (multiple vacancies)
  • Regional PR Manager
  • Senior Software Engineer, Mobile Video
  • Senior Penetration Testing Engineer, AWS Gen AI Security
  • Creative Director, Art (Twitch)
  • Launch Training Manager, Amazon Fresh Stores
  • Senior Content Editor, Strategic Seller Comms
  • Salesforce Developer, Ring

Head over to Amazon’s job search site to apply or find more opportunities.


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